Only 5 mins walk from Stirling train and bus station and with ample free parking in a central location, Fletcher’s is the perfect place to gather with your family, friends or work colleagues.

We can cater for large groups with two private dining rooms which can host between 10 and 28 guests.

For any groups 10 or more we do require a set menu which we have attached below for your viewing.

If you have a larger group, we have catered up to 100 people spread over several rooms.

For larger than 28 people, specific arrangements, menus and dates need to be made so please get in touch directly. For example we are a popular stop for tour groups and can offer menus to suit the budgets and time scales for different tours sizes.

Venue you hire is available for sole use of the building. To discuss please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

If you would like to book a large table please call us on 01786 478 297 or email us at

At the time of booking we take a £5pp non refundable deposit to secure the room and remove this from our availability for other bookings.

See our set menu below

We also have 6 hotel rooms if any of your guests are travelling and would like a convenient place to stay?

How do I book?

Call us on 01786 478 297 or email We will take your details and require a £5pp non refundable deposit to book this space.

How many can your private rooms hold?

The Boardroom holds 10 -14

The Thistle Suite holds 15 to 28

Can I pick from other menus?

Unfortunately no. We are only able to cater for large tables with our Private Dining menu . Only exceptions would be for specific dietary requirements/allergens which can be arranged in advance when booking.

Do you accept stag/hen parties?

Yes we accept all parties. However as we are a restaurant we do not allow any rowdy behaviour or fancy dress. We are the perfect place for an enjoyable meal but as long as you are considerate of other guests in the restaurant. If you are unsure please contact us for more details.

Can I decorate the room?

Yes. We allow some banners, and balloons in the rooms. If there is only a small amount of decorations such as a banner, pre inflated balloons and cake to go on the table, you can leave that with us and we can put this in the room for your arrival.
If you have significant amount of decorations we can allow access to the room before hand but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the room more than 15 mins before booking time as we may have a booking in before you. With all decorations please make us aware in advance so we can assist you.

How long do we have the room for?

Each booking is for 3 hours. We therefore ask that the party arrives promptly and is seated so we can take your order asap. Any delays on arrival or ordering may result in you being unable to have 3 courses or enjoy the full 3 hours as we may have a booking after. We limit the amount of people arriving particular times to allow steady service or food and drinks, therefore delays on arrival may cause backlog and delays for your table which we obviously want to avoid.